April Love Geary Instagram-Bombs Critics Of Her Relationship With Robin Thicke

These are hard times for any celebrity couple with a big age gap. Almost every day, tabloids scream with another scandal of a teacher seducing a student, or a lovers’ quarrel between a youthful star and a Hollywood veteran. As a result, even happy couples who happen to belong to different age groups are being criticized mercilessly on social media.

But April Love Geary, for one, isn’t having it.

The 22 year-old model took to Instagram on Tuesday to defend her relationship with 40 year-old songwriter Robin Thicke, telling the haters to step off. “We’re out here LIVING while most of y’all are still bothered by an age gap,” she wrote.

Robin and April are currently on vacation in the Maldives, which inspired Geary to post a “cheeky” photograph from the beach in which she covered her modesty with a pair of well-placed coconuts. The flirtatious, rompy vibe of the photos caused more than a few Twitter and Instagram users to wonder in public whether the couple should cool it.

But the model is dismissing the criticism and is not shy about letting fans know that the duo are living it up on their holiday. She also clearly bristles at the notion that Robin is aging and not attractive enough for a young woman.

“He looks ten times better than me,” Geary commented on Instagram while sharing pictures of the happy pair.


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