Bob Odenkirk Is Lobbying ‘Better Call Saul’ Director Vince Gilligan With This Novel Idea

Vince Gilligan and his writing partner Peter Gould have done a lot with television scripts, developing fresh and dangerous ideas within gloomy, nerd-tastic franchises such as The X-Files and Breaking Bad.

But there’s one Hollywood trope that Gilligan has yet to try on a series – a full-fledged, honest-to-goodness happy ending. And according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer this week, Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk – who plays frustrated lawyer “Jimmy McGill” and his many aliases on the show – is bugging the writer-director to craft a dreamy denouement.

“I don’t want (Jimmy) to end up…unhappy with his life,” said Odenkirk when discussing the eventual series arc.

Gilligan’s TV characters often end up tragically consumed by forces beyond their control, hopelessly obsessed, or dead…or in the case of Breaking Bad‘s iconic “Walter White” character portrayed by Bryan Cranston, all of the above.

But Better Call Saul‘s leading man believes that some type of ultimate redemption and reassurance could be just what the doctor ordered for his popular prequel (some of which takes place after the events of Breaking Bad).

“It would be a great counterpoint to Breaking Bad,” Odenkirk told Philly reporter Ellen Gray. “We saw Walter White go downhill. It’d be great to see this character…find more of a peace, or a better person he could be. I pitch that to (Vince) all the time.”


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