Chris Brown Insults Fan’s Income Level On Instagram, Faces Allegations Of Toxic Behavior

Chris Brown has had better weeks. Just days ago, the 27 year-old pop artist admitted through sources that he is jealous of recent partner Karrueche Tran and her rumored new beau Quavo, and possibly furious at the rapper he had guy-bonded with while promoting an album with Quavo’s hip-hop group Migos.

Tabloids screamed at the news of a dramatic love-triangle. But then social media took over, as it often does.

Celebrities and journalists on Twitter and Instagram are pinning red flags on the singer-songwriter’s alleged snooping, intrusive behavior. Jamele Hill, a sports-entertainment figure outspoken on gender issues, criticized headlines that read “Chris Betrayed By Quavo” and emphasized Tran’s right to be free of harassment from her ex.

Brown may have dug a larger hole for himself yesterday on Instagram.

When a female fan – enraptured enough to have made her own Chris Brown account – wondered if she would be able to see the stage at an upcoming Breezy concert, Brown trolled back, “Buy your tickets in a better spot instead of complaining…lame.”

Many users are hopping mad at Brown for putting down a loyal fan’s income level, and for treating Karrueche like an object. After the songwriter posted an obviously self-righteous meme, a follower wrote that Chris had “lost a fan,” continuing, “I just get tired of you apologizing. You need to grow up & be a man & stop taking your anger out on other people.”


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