A Customer Successfully Sues Dunkin’ Donuts For Serving Margarine And Calling It Butter

The fictional TV character Jimmy McGill (of Better Call Saul) spent his Chicago youth known as “Slippin’ Jimmy,” a walking nightmare who profited from falling on icy sidewalks and duping local rich folk with devilish schemes, then threatening to sue everyone’s pants off. But hey, that’s just a TV show, right?

If you ask Dunkin’ Donuts, it feels pretty true-to-life right now.

A Massachusetts man has won a settlement from the popular coffee chain after being served margarine instead of butter. According to a Boston Herald story published this week, a Worcester resident named Jan Polanik accused up to 20 Dunkin’ Donuts owners of serving him low-fat substitutes…which he says were dishonestly advertised as butter.

Polanik hired an attorney, and whipped up a class-action suit in which anyone “who ordered a baked product with butter, but instead received margarine or butter substitute between June 24, 2012, and June 24, 2016” could join in taking the eatery to court. But over a bagel topping? Even Polanik’s legal rep admitted “it seems like a minor thing,” but the plaintiff was undeterred.

“A lot of people prefer butter,” Polanik told the newspaper.

The case was settled out-of-court on Friday. Not only did Dunkin’ Donuts likely have to pay Slippin’ Jimmy, er, that’s Mr. Polanik…but 17 of the chain’s locations have now adjusted their serving methods, making it easier for customers to obtain a hunk of real-deal butter.

Now for a bunch of “cholesterol damage” settlements.


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