“Instant Karma” – Good Sport Kelly Osbourne Laughs About Easter Photo “Fail”

The gracious way to handle teasing from friends is to laugh along. Somewhere in between spats with Sharon, hilarious debates over curfew hours and televised feuds with neighbors, Ozzy Osbourne has found time to impress that value on daughter Kelly.

Kelly Osbourne was caught in a viral-photo fail on Easter night and Monday morning, after posting a selfie alongside sister-in-law Lisa in a family pool. Followers soon noticed a “spooky” subtext to the photo – hidden behind Lisa’s torso is a flotation device…and sticking out is an arm belonging to Kelly’s niece (Jack and Lisa’s daughter), 22 month-old infant Andy Rose.

Instagram exploded in mirth, with one wiseacre drawing a red circle around the tiny arm. Other fans noticed that Kelly’s hidden left arm appears to extend in the direction of the baby’s one visible limb, causing a prankster to post, “why is your arm so small?” Another commented, “I never noticed your tiny arm before, you are stunning!”

Kelly is responding in self-mockery and fun. She Instagrammed the “red circle” version of the photo just an hour after the original, and called the embarrassment “instant karma.”

“Check out my sexy baby arm!” posted the 32 year-old pop singer and fashion designer. “(This is) what I get for trying to hide my fat (keyster) behind Lisa!”




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