The Irony! Harrison “Han Solo” Ford Keeps Pilot’s License Despite Row Over Mishap

The pilot of the Millennium Falcon has been questioned on his ability to pilot a simple private jet.

According to a report in TMZ, Harrison Ford is still in hot water over a February incident in Orange County, CA when he dangerously buzzed a passenger plane and ended up landing in an airport runway without proper protocols. Sources say that FAA officials are in disagreement over whether or not the actor should have been made to fly a training and test program before being allowed to keep his pilot’s licence.

Some at the organization feel that Ford – who ironically portrays Han Solo, spaceship captain and dog-fighter in the Star Wars franchise – has been given preferential treatment due to his celebrity status.

Ford did in fact attend mandatory pilot’s counseling sessions where he was grilled on various flying decisions and safety issues. A representative for the veteran film star was quoted, “(Harrison) has been flying for more than 20 years. (A test/training ride) was unnecessary, especially after inspectors were satisfied with the airman’s counseling.”

Attempting to put the controversy to rest, FAA representative Ian Gregor told TMZ, “The way we resolved this case is consistent with FAA policy.”


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