Kim Kardashian West Fights Off L.A. Intruder, Shuts Down Gossip As Kim-Kanye Split Rumors Swirl

Kim Kardashian West would much rather concern herself with fashion, politics and global philanthropy than pay attention to gossipy reporters. But after the past two days the world-famous model and celebrity wife has reached a breaking point, taking to Twitter to tell the press to quit exaggerating.

The tweets occurred in response to a fresh story that appeared in Daily Mail and other publications on Monday morning, claiming that Kim was “attacked” by an intruder outside Beverly Hills eatery Mr. Chow on Sunday night.

Photographs seem to bear out the report. A young Asian-American man can be seen walking directly into Kim’s path while she cavorted with party pal Faher Fahad. The unsteady man brushed up against the superstar briefly, then wobbled toward a parking meter. A security guard stepped in as things quickly got back to normal.

Kim believes it was all a misunderstanding, and shot down overzealous Hollywood reporters in two tweets:



A more serious rumor also took hold over the weekend, with rags claiming that Kim has filmed a scene for her TV reality show in which she tells husband Kanye West that things haven’t felt right recently, and requests a separation from their marriage. Kim has not yet denied the story, and sources claim that Kris Jenner will appear in the scene as a first-hand witness. “Kim thinks she and Kanye need time apart,” an insider told Hindustan Times yesterday.

Kardashian West and her entourage attended the 2017 Los Angeles Fashion Awards on Sunday.




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