Richard Simmons Fights Off Paparazzi With The L.A. Fuzz

Since re-emerging to greet fans on the internet a few weeks ago, Richard Simmons (ironically walking with a cane) has received support and good wishes from supporters around the world.

But with the good always comes the bad. Reporters and photographers have been tracking the fitness icon’s every move, hoping to snap photos and shout questions. The 68 year-old continues to be uncomfortable with the limelight, and found a not-so-subtle way to ward off the press at his Los Angeles home on Thursday.

Returning home from an outing, Simmons found that several cars’ worth of paparazzi were lodged near his front gate. So he called the LAPD, who were sympathetic to the cause.

Several officers arrived to escort the senior citizen into the house through his garage, successfully shrouding his face and figure from prying camera-eyes. But the celebrity’s hidden face and eyes were tantalizingly captured along with photos of the flash-entourage.

Richard Simmons (r.n. Milton Teagle Simmons) was released from hospital care last year after suffering a bout of dehydration, and was recently re-admitted for a stomach ailment. He has been leading a hermit-like existence with exception of a few heartfelt tweets to fans. “You will never know how much it means” to receive their good wishes, Simmons tweeted on Wednesday.


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