Warren Beatty Says The Uproar Over His Oscar Flub Was “Silly”

Since Warren Beatty’s cringe-worthy Oscar moment in February, the 80 year-old actor has played along with the media typhoon. Calling the incident “chaotic” and heart-rending, the distinguished A-lister did not betray any sense of chagrin over the way he and stage-companion Faye Dunaway were treated during and after the event.

Until now. In an interview on Lorraine Wednesday morning, Beatty called the reaction to the Academy Awards flub “a little silly.”

“Some poor guy made a mistake,” he continued. “In some ways the mystery is kind of goofy. They just gave me the wrong envelope. I look at it and think – this is mysterious – maybe it’s a misprint. My obligation was to hand it to Faye so she could read it.”

On stage to announce Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, Beatty and Dunaway were handed the wrong card, causing them to announce La La Land as Best Picture instead of Moonlight, the film actually receiving the honors. Consternation and mayhem followed as producers scrambled to correct the mistake, and to overcome the awkward faux pas on stage.

Beatty has been apologetic about his role in the incident but it would seem he is getting tired of it being re-hashed so many weeks later. With a look of slight annoyance the actor told Christine Lampard, “It struck me as kind of funny that this moment was so overly dramatized. But then…stuff happens.”


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