17 Celebrities Who Dated Their Fans

Fame and fortune are only some of the things we mortals envy from celebrities’ lifestyle. But the chance to date and even get to fall in love with fellow A+ celebrities—that has to be the number one in our list. But, as amazing as it sounds to us, not all stars enjoy going out with people who are just as famous as them.

Of course, there are some celebrities that have met the love of their lives and fallen in love while shooting a scene for a movie they were working together, or maybe in one of those epic exclusive parties we read on magazines, or even through their also-very-famous friends. But some of them still enjoy the idea of being around a normal person; a non-famous person; a persona like… you.

Maybe there’s still a chance you can go out on a date with Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber!

Life can be that wonderful.

These are some celebrities who have dated—and even married—people that once were their fans.


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