30 of the Best Moments from Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is officially ending after Season 7 and the cast members have stated that it is a season dedicated to the fans that will finally give them the answers they deserve. On August 29, 2016, it was announced that the show would be ending after the seventh season, so we wanted to put together some of the most memorable moments from this intense teen drama.

1. The Text
There were plenty of memorable moments from the pilot episode of the series, including when the four friends received that initial mysterious text from “A” while they are attending a funeral service.

2. Discovering Ali
Another important moment from the pilot episode, when Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer all arrive in Ali’s backyard to find that her body had been buried there a year after she had disappeared.

3. Big Hair, Don’t Care
Who could forget the moment when Aria and Emily emerged from the Blow Bar with brand new do. It was one of the more light-hearted scenes of the first season.

4. Keep Your Friends Close
The 10th episode of the first season was filled with excitement and betrayal, especially in this moment when a car hit Hanna because she knew too much.

5. Seeing Visions of You
Another key moment from Season one was in the episode “Moments Later” when a hospitalized Hanna saw a vision of Ali in a candy striper suit in her room.

6. Introducing Mr. Rivers
The first time that the viewers meet Caleb was in Season 1, Episode 14 “Careful What U Wish 4”. He was leaning up against the wall in very “Breakfast Club” frame of mind.

7. Someone to Watch Over Me
It may have happened back in Season 1, but we can all remember that time when Jenna was blindsided by Hanna in the bathroom by slapping her in the face.

8. For Whom the Bell Tolls
One of the harsh cruelties of being a character on this show is that you never know who’s going to fall next. In this episode, Ian chases down Spener and ends up falling to his death into the bell ropes.

9. There’s No Place Like Homecoming
A memorable early confrontation between Toby and Emily at the homecoming dance when to two went from a tango to a tangle in the science lab.

10. Ezra and Aria’s First Kiss
The very first episode had a moment that will always remain popular in the hearts of all Ezria fans, Ezra, and Aria’s first kiss in the bathroom.

11. No, But You Will
At the Halloween party, no one knew who the mysterious Catwoman was, Alison looked at Mona in her costume and says, “Do I know you?” She answers with “No, but you will.”

12. Costume Party
The Halloween episodes were always the best for this suspenseful show. They could be filled with plenty of scares, and several laughs like the time when Hanna dressed up and danced as Britney Spears.

13. The Grave Viewing
In episode 5 of the second season, the Pretty Little Liars visit Alison’s grave and “A” projects a film of Alison’s so-called death. That’s the moment when they find out she’s still alive.

14. A Fond Farewell to Love
In the season 2 episode titled “Picture, This” Hanna and Caleb say goodbye on her foyer. Caleb had recently reconnected with his mom and was about to leave town for Montecito. Hanna wasn’t sure if Caleb would ever return home to her and Rosewood.

15. “A” Takes Over the Runway
The Pretty Little Liars fashion show goes array when “A” takes over the scene in this memorable performance.

16. Aria & Ezra’s Iconic Kiss in the Rain
In the season 2 episode “The Blonde Leading the Blind” Aria and Ezra treated fans to another sultry and memorable kiss in the rain.

17. Rescue Me
In the episode title “Eye of the Beholder” the girls must help rescue Jason when his house explodes, which was a favorite episode for the special effects crew.

18. Creepy Dolls
In the 24th episode of season 2 “If These Dolls Could Talk”, the girls are in the dollhouse basement and there is a repeated creepy voice saying, “Follow me, End up like me.” The PLLS follow the voice to a closet and open it to see an animated, bloody doll. At that point, all the dolls around them begin to animate.

19. They’re Only Noodles
In Season 2 Episode 16 “Let the Water Hold Me Down” the girls order Chinese takeout and end up with works inside of their food instead of Lo Mein.

20. The First Secret
In episode 13 of season 2, during the final scene of Noel Kahn’s Halloween Party, Alison stands in the crowd of costumed guests where she had just had a frightening encounter with a costumed baby figure. She receives a text and after taking in the meaning of the message, she stands in the middle of the crowd, all alone, helpless, and vulnerable.

21. What Was That?
Another shocking moment from the episode “If These Dolls Could Talk” was when a “blind” Jenna squats at a fly on her mirror and kills it to the tune of “Them Their Eyes”.

22. unmAsked
No one can forget the grand entrance that Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria make as they enter the Masquerade Ball in this season 2 episode.

23. unmAsked Part 2
And of course, you can’t mention this episode without the iconic reveal of Mona as “A”.

24. unmAsked Part 3
After the girls return home from the ball, everyone was shocked when Emily is told that Maya was found dead in her backyard.

25. Shall we Dance?
In the episode “Remains of the A”, when Toby asks Hanna to dance.

26. Crazy Mona
That time when Aria and Hanna sneak to the children’s ward of the Radley Sanitarium and find Mona humming and combing the hair of her doll.

27. Finally Freed from the Insanity?
In the episode “The Lady Killer” everyone was shocked when Emily kills Nate in the lighthouse.

28. Major Slap in the Face
When a heartbroken Spencer is faced with her worst fear as she discovers that Toby is “A”. She slaps him hard and he takes it like a man.

29. The Man of a Thousand Faces
During the 4th episode of Season Four, the girls visit a mask maker named Hector Lime in search for answers about all the masks they’ve encountered that Ali had him create.

30. Ali’s Return
Alison is back, alive, and well, and says “Did you miss me?” in the season 4 episode titled “Grave New World”.


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