Another stalker of Taylor Swift caught loitering outside her home

A 29-year-old man called Mohammed Jaffar was caught loitering outside Taylor Swift’s Tribec apartment for three months. He was indicted in Manhattan court for this act with a $20,000 bond, but he didn’t appear in last Tuesday’s hearing.

Mohammed Jaffar was accused previously of stalking her as he was hanging around her apartment in last December for days. At one point, he even managed to sneak onto the roof of her apartment, and  was caught by the surveillance camera ringing her doorbell for an entire hour.

Apart from that, his obsession with stalking her got so extreme that he not only went to her place in-person, but he also called her management company 59 times in an effort to speak with her.

Since this entire event started, Taylor Swift decided to leave her own place and go to her mother’s home to take a break from everything for 3 entire months.

He was busted March 6 on burglary and stalking charges. His defense lawyer, Liz Beal, declined to comment.

Mohammed Jaffar  is due back in court June 12.


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