18 Burning Questions That Need To Be Answered in Orange Is The New Black Season 5

  • Will Daya pull the trigger? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Taystee and Brook be OK after Poussey’s death? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Bayley confess his crime, a.k.a. accidentally killing Poussey? (Photo: Archive)

  • Is Alex safe from drug lord Kubra? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will we see Lolly again now that they found Aydin’s body? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Aleida manage to live her tough post-prison life and truly stay away from Litchfield? (Photo: Archive)

  • Is Suzanne mentally OK after her attempt to feel what being unable to breath was like due to Poussey’s death? (Photo: Archive)

  • With the inmates and Caputo against him, could Piscatella’s time at Litchfield be up? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Sofia get revenge for the unfair treatment she received at solitary confinement? (Photo: Archive)

  • When will Sister Ingalls get out of the solitary confinement? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Judy King make it out of prison at all? (Photo: Archive)

  • Now that Nicky is back from maximum security, will Lorna still be married? (Photo: Archive)

  • Can Nicky overcome her drug addiction? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Healy get out of the psych and return to his job at Litchfield? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Stella head to minimum security again? (Photo: Archive)

  • Will Alex and Piper get back together? (Photo: Archive)

  • Can the inmates overcome racism and stay united? (Photo: Archive)

  • Whose backstory will we see this season? Maybe Yoga Jane’s? (Photo: Archive)

Will Daya pull the trigger? (Photo: Archive)

The fourth season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black was, for the majority of the fans, the most intense and sad until now. From the very first episode, we knew everything was about to change in Litchfield, and it did, indeed.

WATCH OUT! Spoilers ahead…

New alliances and rivalries were formed, as new authorities came to the famous women’s prison. Nicky Nichols came back, luckily, but Poussey left us in a tragic accident. And from that moment on, the girls decided to take matters into their own hand and put an end to injustice and abuse once and for all, with a riot about to break out in the series last episode.

Many of the questions we had from season three were resolved, but new inquiries raised after OITNB’s massive cliffhanger ending.

And as we start watching the new season that was just realeased hours ago earlier this morning, we can only think of one thing: How will the story wrap up?

These are the 18 questions that have to be answered in Orange Is The New Black season 5.

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