26 Celebrities React to U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

On June 1, president Donald Trump announced the United States will withdraw from the Paris Accord, a historic agreement to reduce gas emissions and fight climate change, signed a little over a year ago. Every country in the world, with the exception of Syria and Nicaragua, signed the agreement on 2015.

And although it will take another four years before the withdrawal process ends, meaning this decision could be reversed based on the results of the upcoming U.S. elections, the consequences of this decision remain potentially catastrophic, further hindering efforts to prevent the temperature of our planet from continuing rising.

Opinions from celebrities and other well-known names came immediately after Trump’s controversial announcement. Politicians, businessmen, sport stars, singers, and Hollywood celebrities took over social media to express their concern and disagreement over the U.S. government’s decision to reduce its efforts to curb the effect of climate change.

These are 26 reactions from celebrities to the announcement of Donald Trump about the exit of the United States from the Paris agreement.


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