The First Trailer For “That’s So Raven” Spinoff Is Here!


Forget about inheriting the eye color, nose, or personality of your parents. In the Baxter family, the psychic powers are carried in the genes. That’s what we know from the first trailer of the series “Raven’s House”, the spin-off of the original Disney show “That’s so Raven”.

The 30-seconds video give us a glimpse into Raven and Chelsea’s new life, played once again by Raven-Symoné and Anneliese van de Pol, now single mothers and divorced, who decide to live together to help raise their children.

“Raven’s Home” will focus on Raven’s children, Nia and her twin brother Booker (who inherited Raven’s ability to see the future), and Chelsea’s son named Levi. The three of them will try to survive school just as their mothers did back in 2003.

Rave and Anneliese won’t be the only original cast members to participate in the series. It has been confirmed that Raven’s boyfriend in the original show, Devon Carter, played by actor Lil’ J, will be back in the spin-off as Booker and Nia’s dad.

“That’s so Raven” no only catapulted Raven-Symone’s career; it also became the most watched series in the history of Disney Channel, surpassing “Hanna Montana” and “The Wizards of Waverly Place” audience levels.

We do not posse Raven and Booker’s psychic powers, so we have no other choice but to wait. Although we are sure the new show will make us laugh just as much as “That’s So Raven” did back in the old days.

Stay tuned for “Raven’s Home” premier on July 21, only on Disney Channel.


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