Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen: Hollywood’s Most Famous Twins In 13 Pictures

  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen today turn 31, and celebrate them remembering their way to stardom with this photo gallery. (Photo: Archive)

  • The world knew them when they began their career in television at the age of 9 months. (Photo: Archive)

  • After eight seasons, Full House was canceled in 1995. But Michelle Tanner was only the beginning for the Olsen twins. (Photo: Archive)

  • In 1992, Mary Kate and Ashley starred in their first movie “To Grandmother’s House We Go”. (Photo: Archive)

  • That same year, the Olsen twins became the youngest producers in Hollywood after founding Dual Entertainment Group. By then they already had a great fortune. (Photo: Archive)

  • Before turning 16, Mary Kate and Ashley had already starred in 13 films, including “Two for the Price of One”, “A Movie Daddy”, and “Passport to Paris”. (Photo: Archive)

  • Do you remember these dolls? The Olsen twins turned their success on the screen into CD’s, DVD’s, clothes, furniture, cosmetics, and, as you see in the picture, even dolls. (Photo: Archive)

  • In 2004, Mary Kate and Ashley became the first twins to receive their star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. (Photo: Archive)

  • That same year, “New York Minute” became the last film that they would star together, since that same year Ashley retired from acting. (Photo: Archive)

  • Although they achieve their fame by acting, fashion has proved to be their true passion. Their empire consists of four signatures: The Row, Elisabeth & James, Olsenboye, and Stylemint. (Photo: Archive)

  • In 2008, the Olsen twins launched their book titled “Influence,” a collection of interviews with the most influential designers in their lives. (Photo: Archive)

  • In 2012, they received the CFDA, an equivalent of the Oscars in the fashion world, for their brand “The Row”, which invoices more than 890 million euros annually. (Photo: Archive)

  • Their most recent public appearance was in May 2017, on the red carpet of the Met Gala. (Photo: Archive)

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen today turn 31, and celebrate them remembering their way to stardom with this photo gallery. (Photo: Archive)

The adorable twins that once played the sassy Michelle Tanner in the series Full House before turning their popularity into an astronomical empire, have spent the last couple years out of Hollywood’s spotlight. Their title as queens of children’s entertainment seems to be years away compared to the extremely private life today.

Mary Kate and Ashley celebrate their 31 birthdays today (yes, we feel very old too). It’s not like we need an excuse to remember their best moments, but what better occasion to review their ascent to stardom than their birthday.

Take a look at the photo gallery above to relive the Olsen twin’s life in Hollywood, since their days as child stars to their reign as fashion icons.

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