Did Adele announce her retirement?

Adele, the top-selling artists of the 21st century, may retire from live performances once and for all.

Those attending the first of her final four London shows found a handwritten note hinting at her retirement from touring. She then posted the same heartfelt note on her social media on Friday.

“Touring is a peculiar thing. It doesn’t suit me particularly well,” she wrote. “I’m a real homebody and I get so much joy in the small things. Plus, I’m dramatic and have a terrible history of touring,” she added in her letter. “So, this is it. After 15 months on the road and 18 months of 25 [her album], we are at the end,” the award-winning singer sentenced.

This is not the first time Adele has insinuated she would hang up her touring boots and take a break from the road.

Last year, the singer said she suffers from crippling stage fright, combined with a confession of wishing to be a full-time mom to son Angelo.

The concert on Wednesday night was the first of four at Wembley Stadium, and rounded up a record breaking 98,000 Adele fans to watch the grand finale.

“I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home. Thank you for coming, for all of your ridiculous love and kindness. I will remember all of this for the rest of my life.”

We already miss you, Adele.


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