Paris Hilton Back To Music With New Single “Summer Reign”

Great news for the fans of the socialite.

On Tuesday evening, the multifaceted Paris Hilton announced on her social media her return to the music scene with a glimpse of her upcoming single “Summer Reign”. An like the good business woman that she is, her new song will come with a also new addition to her popular line of fragrances, the 23rd, Rosé Rush.

“So proud to announce the launch of my 23rd perfume @RoseRushFragance with my new single #SummerReign”, Hilton said in a simple message that so far has more than 83,000 likes on Instagram.

It’s been two years since the hotel emporium heiress debited a single. High Off My Love, featuring rapper Birdman and released in 2015, was Hilton’s last song. It managed to sneak into the Billboard Top 10 Dance Club Songs chart.

But it was in 2006 that the business woman began her musical career. That year, Hilton debuted with the album Paris, and has since stayed true to her fans with singles like Good Time (2013) and Come Alive (2014).

We anticipate that Paris Hilton will in fact be the musical queen of the remaining months of our summer.


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