The Beckhams Took Over The Filming Set Of Modern Family

Let’s just say the Dunphys have some serious competition!

There’s only one last name that can top our favorite American family, the Dunphys from ABC’S Modern Family, and that clan is the Beckhams. This week, David and Victoria brought their children along for a visit to the hit sitcom.

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchel Pritchet on the series, shared a picture of him next to the entire Beckham crew posing in the Dunphy living room.

“The role of Claire is being played by @victoriabeckham. The role of Phil is being played by @davidbeckham. The role of Victoria Beckham is being played by @jessetyler,” Ferguson captioned the photo. “Thank you all for coming to visit the Modern Family set today! We loved having you all!!!”

The Spice Girl turned fashion designer share a similar shot of their visit to the Dunphys’, showing her three youngest kids sitting on the testimonial couch with oldest son Brooklyn standing directly behind them, and David, Victoria, and Jesse (very dramatically) posing in the background.

Some overly-excited fans of the show jumped to the conclusion that the Beckhams were doing a guest shot for an upcoming episode. But uncle Mitch quickly debunked the rumor, clarifying that the family “was only visiting the set, not shooting an episode.”

In fact, the story behind the Bekcham invasion seems straight out of one of the scripts of Modern Family, and, coincidentally, it involves Ferguson’s husband, Justin Mikita.

The Beckham’s visit followed an incident last week where Mikita had accidentally photobombed on of David’s photos with his kids, as they were all dinning at the same Italian restaurant in L.A.  “Beckham photo bomb? #IPromiseItWasAnAccident” Mikita apologized on Instagram.

While it was all the result of just a funny coincidence, a Beckham cameo in our favorite sitcom would be pretty epic! Who do we need to call to make this happen?


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