Britney Spear’s Fan Crashes Stage During Her Las Vegas Show

Britney Spears was visibly shaken on Wednesday night after she realized an audience member had crashed the stage at her Las Vegas show.

During her Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood, Spears finished up a performance of her 1999 hit “(You Drive Me) Crazy” when a man climbed onto the stage, attempting to get her attention. Her dancers and bodyguards blockaded the guy as Britney seemed oblivious to the chaos behind her. “What’s going on?… Oh no!” she said to a guard. “He’s got a gun?” Britney asked as her knees buckled.

Britney was rushed off the stage as security wrestled with the guy, who was later handcuffed and removed from the stage. Loyal fans chanted support as Spears made a safe exit. “We love you!” they shouted.

Las Vegas law enforcement officials informed that the intruder was 37-year-old Jesse Webb, who apparently had been acting disorderly during the performance. After he was arrested for trespassing, Webb was transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Despite the incident, the show went on. Britney Spears returned to the stage to play one last song. Her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas, which began in 2013, will close in December. The show has topped $100 million in tickets sales, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

That was one “Crazy” performance, indeed!


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