The Encounter Between Kate del Castillo And “El Chapo” Will Have Its Own Series On Netflix

Once again, reality exceeds fiction…

Kate del Castillo is ready to share her version of the scandalous encounter she held with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in 2016, in an exclusive Netflix bioseries.

“Cuando conocía al Chapo” (When I Met El Chapo) will reveal exclusive information and never-before-seen material of the meeting between the Mexican actress with one of the most wanted men in the world. The series that will be divided into three parts, will be narrated and produced by del Castillo.

“As an actress, I’ve had the great opportunity to play fictional characters of which I feel very proud. Now I come back, but in a real story, my reality, my truth,” Kate said in a statement. “This project will tell the beginning, the reasons, and the consequences of accepting the rights of one of the most controversial figures in drug trafficking.”

A year and a half ago, Kate del Castillo arranged and participated in a meeting between El Chapo Guzmán and actor Sean Penn, who later narrated what happened at their encounter in an article published by Rolling Stone on January 9, 2016, just one day after Mexican authorities had recaptured the drug dealer, who is currently imprisoned in the United States.

Kate del Castillo kept contact with El Chapo for months through compromising text messages and their lawyers. Their chaotic relationship began after she posted a letter on her Twitter in 2012 addressed to Joaquín Guzmán, which draw his attention.

“Today I believe in El Chapo Guzmán more than I do in governments that hide truths, even if they are painful,” the letter read.

The information that so far has been release about the controversial encounter continues rising speculation on the actors’ motives and particularly on the relationship between Kate and El Chapo. Perhaps we will find the answers to these questions at the premiere of “Cuando conocí al Chapo” on October 28 on Netflix.


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