Shonda Rhimes Joins Forces With Netflix To Produce New Original Content

It’s payback time, Mickey!

Netflix has signed television legend Shonda Rhimes to a multi-year production deal, ending a 15-year relationship with ABC Studios that yielded hits from “Grey’s Anatomy” to “Scandal.”

The recent announcement is Netflix’s counterpunch to Disney, owner of ABC, who just a few days ago laid out plans to start its own streaming services, forcing the removal of Disney and Pixar movies from Netflix.

“Shonda Rhimes is one one of the greatest storytellers in the history of television,” said Netflix’ chief content office Ted Sarandos, in a statement. “Her work is gripping, inventive, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, taboo-breaking television at its best. I’ve gotten the chance to know Shonda and she’s a true Netflixer at heart—she loves TV and films, she cares passionately about her work, and she delivers for her audience. We’re so excited to welcome her to Netflix.”

Rhime’s onboarding goes to show that Netflix is still capable of spending unprecedented sums of money—about $6 billion this year—into original content to take views away from well-established networks, including HBO, 21st Century Fox, and its most recent rival, Disney. While we won’t see the result for a while, signing Shondaland is a highly visible power movie.

In an attempt to contain the damage, Patrick Moran, head of ABC, confirmed the studio won’t be its existing and ongoing Rhimes shows. He went on praising Shonda’s work, saying her “imprint will always be an important part of ABC Studios.” “We wish them all the best in this new endeavor,” he read.

As for Ms. Rhimes, she released a statement saying she decided to leave her longtime home ABC because the streaming service offered “unique creative freedom and instantaneous global reach”. “The future of Shondaland at Netflix has limitless possibilities,” she added.

Rhimes has been a consistent supplier of successful dramas for ABC, including “How to Get Away With Murder”, “Scandal”, “Private Practice”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”.

We can’t wait to see the full Shonda Rhimes awesome super powers unleash!


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