Taylor Swift Has Wiped Her Instagram and Twitter Accounts

Taylor’s social media is a big blank space.

On Friday morning, Taylor Swift mysteriously deleted every single photo on her Instagram. That’s right, the “Shake It Off” singer’s account, with over 102 million followers, had been completely wiped.

But, as shocking as that is, things didn’t stop there.

Taylor’s Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr profiles were completely empty too. Even her official website is now just a black screen.

Needless to say, the strange and unexpected disappearance of Taylor’s posts has swifties freaking out and speculating online. Was she hacked? Is she quitting social media? Was she abducted? Of course, the internet reacted the only way it knows how to: with hilarious memes and clever captions.

“Was Taylor Swift just a fake person created by the CIA to distract us?” wrote Frank Costa on Twitter.

“Is the new era coming or she has been hacked ??,.” tweeted another confused fan under the name of TaylorSwiftNow.

While some fans were ready to call 911, others elaborated some more realistic theories to explain Taylor Swift’s online vanishing, the most popular suggesting that Swift, whose last album 1989 was released almost three years ago, may be clearing out her accounts before launching new music.

This is yet another anecdote to add to the list of surprises that Taylor Swift has thrown to her fans so far this year.

It all started when she largely dropped out of public life earlier this year after her mediatic summer fling with Tom Hiddleston and feuds with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and her nemesis-no-more Katy Perry.

Then, earlier this year, her full discography was back in all major streaming services—a.k.a. Spotify— as a thank you to her fans after selling 100 million songs worldwide.

Finally, Swift sued a radio DJ for grabbing her bottom while posing for a photo with her in 2013, case that she just recently won, and for which she was awarded the symbolic $1 in damages.

Quite a year, huh?

Maybe, just maybe, Taylor is taking a much-needed break.


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