This Is How Shakira Works Out In Preparation For Her World Tour

Her hips don’t lie! She’s clearly been working out!

Shakira is about to set out on her El Dorado World Tour, and she’s been doing a lot in preparation for her 30-show international journey —not only planning the set list and choreographies, but working out as well.

The singer recently shared with her fans some fun snaps of her get get-it-tight, get-it-right workouts. Rocky-style midnight swimming, lying side crunches, and a barre squats with pulses while holding weights are only some of the toning moves this 40-year-old mother of two does to keep her hypnotizing abs in shape.

“Getting ready for tour! Trying to get in shape,” the Colombian captioned one of the workout videos. In the clip, you can hear Shakira’s longtime trainer and owner of the AKT InMotion Studio, Anna Kaiser, cheering her in the background.

“Being consistent with exercise is the biggest hurdle to overcome for every woman,” the celebrity trainer told Shape Magazine in 2014. “Shakira also works so hard. She gives 150 percent with everything she does,” she added.

Kraiser and Mrs. Piqué have been training together since the “Waka Waka” singer had to slim down quickly after having her sons, 4-year-old Milan and 2-year-old Sasha, as she had jobs like coaching NBC’s The Voice shortly after birth.

Shakira’s crazy workout comes in preparation for her El Dorado World Tour, which kicks off November 9, 2017 in Germany, and ends February 10, 2018 in Vegas.


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