Hugh Hefner’s Widow Opens Up About Her Husband’s Death For The First Time

Days after Hugh Hefner died, his widow, Crystal Hefner, has finally broke the silence about the Playboy founder’s death.

In an exclusive interview with People published Monday, the 31-year-old-model spoke about the death of her husband.

“I haven’t been able to bring myself to wrote most people back to thank them for their condolences,” Crystal told the magazine. “I am heartbroken. I am still in disbelief.”

The Playboy bunny confirmed that Hugh Hefner, who passed away at the age of 91 on Wednesday, was buried this weekend. “We laid him to rest Saturday,” she said. “He is in the place he was always certain he wanted spend eternity.” It was known that the Hef had purchased the crypt next to Marilyn Monroe—the first Playboy cover girl—at Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

The widow of the Playboy mogul added: “He was an American hero. A pioneer. A kind and humble soul who opened up his life and home to the world.”

Crystal told People that, despite the age difference and popular belief, she and Hef truly loved each other. “I felt how much he loved me. I loved him so much. I am so grateful. He gave me life. He gave me direction. He taught me kindness. I will feel eternally grateful to have been by his side, holding his hand, and telling him how much I love him. He changed my life, he saved my life.”

Hugh and Crystal started dating in 2009, along with his other girlfriends, the Shannon Twins. A year later, Hefner announced their engagement on Twitter. Five days before the wedding, in June 2011, Crystal broke off their engagement. The couple did get back together, and tied the knot at the Playboy mansion on New Year’s Eve in 2012. He was 86 and she was 26.

Hefner’s last testament has not been made public yet, although according to past reports, his fortune, worth between $43 million and $100 million, is expected to go to his four children—Christie, David, Martson, and Cooper—and charities.

Still, it’s been reported that Hugh left Crystal $5 million and a four-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills as per their prenuptial agreement.

“There never has and never will be another Hugh M. Hefner,” Crystal said in the interview.


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