Eminem Drops New Single “Walk on Water” With Beyoncé

Eminem’s powerful freestyle “The Storm” against Trump and his followers during the BET Hip Hop Awards wasn’t even close to being Marshall Mathers most commented material of 2017.

After four years since his last release, the rapper is back with a new song, “Walk On Water”, this time with an unusual softer tone next to someone gracing his new track with her vocals: Beyoncé’s.

The five-minute song is the first from his highly anticipated album Revival; a simmering, orchestral piano ballad with Beyoncé’s powerful hook accompanying the lyrics of the traditionally aggressive verses of the rapper.

“I walk on the water, but I ain’t not Jesus,” Queen Be sings. “I walk in water, but only when it freezes.”

In short, “Walk on Water” reveals a well-known but often forgotten truth: the brutal reality of Eminem and Beyoncé’s human nature. This ode to their flaws explores their fear to the imminent inability to meet the expectations of the everchanging industry, their demanding careers, and their idolizing stans.

“’Cause I’m only human, just like you/ Making my mistakes, oh, if you only knew,” Bey sings in the second hook. “I don’t think you should believe in me the way that you do/‘Cause I’m terrified to let you down.”

The Detroit MC and his Shady team have been keeping specifics about Revival close to the chest. However, the rapper is expected to detail his next LP on November 18th on the Saturday Night Live program, given that he’s the musical guest of the evening.

Eminem will perform “Walk on Water” live for the first time on the stage of the MTV European Video Music Awards, broadcasting from London this Sunday.


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