Pharrell Williams Writes Song That Won’t Be Release For Another 100 Years

Few artists stand the test of time, and Pharrell Williams has just become one of them. His music will live for another century—literally.

The Grammy-winning musician has written a song that will not be released until the year 2117. The mysterious track is an initiative in collaboration with the cognac brand Louis XIII to bring awareness to the sever crisis of climate change.

The song, titled “100 Years”, is a creative expression of the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the effect that humans have on the environment. It is also a call to action for politicians, scientists, and citizens to do our part on taking care of our planet and thus guarantee the survival of the human race.

“The only copy of this song has been engraved on a unique clay vinyl made of soil taken directly from the Louis XIII vineyard in Cognac. The recording is locked in a specially-crafted water-vulnerable safe for the next 100 years,” Pharrell said. “If we continue on this destructive path, disregarding nature’s calls, the clay vinyl will disintegrate into the rising tides and we will lose this track forever.”

Williams’ latest song comes months after President Donald Trump’s administrations announced plans to pull out of the landmark Paris Climate Accord, an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convetion on Climate Change dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation.

Prior to safely burying the song, 100 select people had the chance to listen to the song at an exclusive event in Shanghai, China hosted by Global Executive Director of Louis XIII, Ludovic du Plessis.


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