Taylor Swift Thinks Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Could Be “The One”

We all now Taylor has had a rough journey in her quest trying to find her one true love. But after so many heart aches— most of them all recorded in his songs— Swift could finely have found everything he was looking for in British actor Joe Alwyn.

The pair have been quietly dating since the beginning of the year, and while neither of them have publicly confirmed their romance—they haven’t even been spotted out together—Taylor and Joe’s friends say their relationship is in a great place.

“Privately, Taylor has made no secret of the fact that this relationship is different to any that have gone before,” an insider told Britain’s Grazia magazine. “She met Joe at her lowest ebb, during the biggest backlash of her career, but Joe isn’t interested in Taylor’s celebrity and wanted to get to know the real her.

“Spending time together away from the spotlight allowed things to develop naturally, without outside pressures, and Taylor is convinced that this is the real deal. She’s told her family and close circle of friends that she believes Joe is The One, and that she can see herself marrying him. He’s younger than some of her exes but the relationship feels very adult.”

In recent years, Taylor has starred in some of the most mediatic romances in the industry, dating personalities such as Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

The 27-year-old singer is widely known for penning tracks about her ex-boyfriends, just like she did in her most recent production and sixth studio album, Reputation, which released earlier this month.

Could Joel Alwyn one day become Taylor’s musical victim or will they end up walking down the aisle?


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