Diego Luna And Michael Peña To Start In “Narcos” Season 4

“Narcos” is moving to Mexico.

After the fall of Pablo Escobar and the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers, “Narcos” is leaving Colombia and moving to Mexico, with Michael Peña and Diego Luna leading the new cast.

On Tuesday, Netflix released the first trailer of the series’ fourth season, set to premiere on 2018. The 40-second video doesn’t reveal much. But with cocaine-like white powder floating in the air to the beat of a mariachi band playing the theme song of the series, Luna’s and Peña’s names are revealed on screen.

Starring Pedro Pascal in the role of DEA agent Javier Peña, the hit series of the streaming giant followed the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia during its first three seasons.

This time, “Narcos” will set its sights on Mexico, focusing on the Guadalajara cartel, created in the late 70’s and early 80’s, which was one of the first Mexican criminal organizations to work with Colombian drug lords.

“The continuing character on the show was always intended to be cocaine and the futile war against it,” showrunner Erick Newman said. “Our characters are important […] but they are secondary to the cocaine. It’s about the ongoing war against drugs and against cocaine and the inherent, unwinnable nature of that conflict.”

This won’t be the first time Luna and Peña have worked together. In 2014, the Mexican actor cast Peña as the eponymous lead in his directorial debut, “Cesar Chavez”.

Peña is known for his roles in “Ant-Man”, and the sequel to “Mission Rescue” bye Ridley Scott. He’s also work in Oscar winner films like “High Impact” and “American Scandal”.

Luna stands out for his work in “Rogue One”, “Milk”, among others.


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