Bella Thorne: Pregnant With He First Child?!

Theories of yet another youngster pregnancy are already in the oven.

Bella Thorne, 20, may be months away from joining the growing club of Hollywood’s young moms. Or at least that’s what most of her fans think after her boyfriend, Mod Sun, who is 10 years older than her, posted a cryptic picture on Instagram earlier this week.

In the photo, which was also shared on Bella’s Instagram Stories, we see Derek Smith, Mod Sun’s real name, perched on the floor kissing Thorne’s bare, crop-top-exposed belly as she took a picture of him from above. “Ur doing so amazing I love watching u shine bb,” the rapper captioned the picture.

Of course, Bella’s over 17 million followers were quick to assume that the post was announcement that the former Disney star is pregnant with her first child. Questions like “are you pregnant?” and “is this a hint?” flooded the comments section.

And as if the picture alone wasn’t allusive enough, and to add more fuel to the flame, Mod Sun left a suspicious comment in an Instagram video posted by Thorne, leading fans to believe that their pregnancy theory is in fact correct.

“When he face times you during every show. Thank you for taking off some days to come to Sundance baby,” Bella captioned the video, to which Mod Sun responded: “Love u mamma.”

Sure, “mamma” could simply be a cute nickname Mod Sun uses with Bella—although it’s impossible to ignore that the timing of the word choice is a huge “coincidence.” Either way, these pregnancy rumors are just that, rumor—at least until Thorne confirms or denies the news herself.

Until then, at least we have Kylie to keep us busy! Unless you’re done with that already, like most of us.


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