George Clooney Is Plotting His Great Comeback To The Small Screen!

Thank, you Hulu. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After almost 20 years since leaving ER to pursue a career in film, defending big causes, and, more recently, settle down and start a family, George Clooney is ready to return to his TV roots, courtesy of streaming service Hulu.

The 56-year-old actor’s comeback to the small screen will be as co-writer, producer, star and director of a six-episodes limited series; an adaptations of Joseph Heller’s iconic novel, Catch-22.

Published in 1961, Catch 22 tells the story of an U.S. Air Force pilot during World War II named John Yossarian, who pretends to be mentally unfit to fly to be removed from duty and be able to finally go home.

The acquisition of Catch 22, being eyed for an early 2018 shoot, continues a string of success for Hulu, which saw its series adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale walk away with 10 Emmy Awards, with Elisabeth Moss starring the production.

Hulu also wrapped up 2017 with more than 17 million U.S. subscribers. And now, with George Clooney on board, 2018 promises to be an even better year!


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