Jack Antonoff Is Already “Seeing Someone Else” Just Days After Lena Dunham Split

Jack Antonoff doesn’t waste his time!

The three-times Grammy winner has overcome his breakup with Lena Dunham just days after learning that the couple had ended their almost five-year relationship. According to a source, Jack Antonoff “is seeing someone else.”

“The relationship [with Lena Dunham] is done and he has moved on… as in he is seeing someone else,” and insider tell Us Weekly, adding that Antonoff’s new love is a musician like him.

However, Antonoff’s most recent tweets suggest that splitting up with Dunham, whom he met in 2012 on a blind date, is proving to be harder than it seems. On Wednesday morning, Jack shared a series of tweets revealing the playlist he’s been listening to since the news of the split broke.

“Listening to ‘Have You Forgotten’ by The Red House Painters,” Antonoff wrote on Twitter.

The 1996 track opens with the glum verse “I can’t let you be, cause your beauty won’t allow me/ Wrapped in white sheets/ Like an angel from a bedtime story/ And shut out what they say,” reaching an emotional apex with the gut-puncher “have you forgotten how to love yourself?”

While the Bleachers frontman tries to forget Dunham with a mixture of new love and sad music, Lena “is focusing on herself and her work,” the source tells. “Lena doesn’t wish him ill will. He was her first love. Their split was mutual,” the insider added.

After confirming their breakup on Monday, Dunham spoke briefly on the subject in an Instagram Live session the following day. “I’m wearing this ring that Jack gave me… and I’ll always wear it,” Dunham told her followers. “Because love is a really cool, powerful, eternal thing. It doesn’t have to be defined the way, we in Western culture, define it as beginnings and ends.”


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