Brad Pitt Was In A Scary Car Crash!


Yes—we’re used to (and even enjoy!) seeing them scape out without a single scratch from even the most unlikely feats. But it’s never fun to know one of your favorite celebrities was on the verge of death off the screen.

Specially if we’re talking about heartthrob Brad Pitt!

However, this Monday, the 54-year-old actor was involved in a very Mr. & Ms. Smith scene in real life, when he accidentally collided with another vehicle in motion, causing a slight carom in Los Angeles, in which fortunately there were no injured.

As reported by Rada Online, the incident occurred in the L.A. neighborhood Los Feliz, when the Fight Club star crashed his dark grey Tesla against a small silver Nissan Altima, which then went on to hit a black Kia Soul.

Luckily, none of Pitt’s six children from his extinct marriage to actress Angelina Jolie, 42, were with him at the time of the crash, which surely helped the incident to be resolved more easily among the drivers and with the authorities.

Shortly after the accident, Brad (or should we call him Wlliam?) was seen doing the right thing, shaking hands with the other drivers and exchanging numbers. Yes—it’s a hazard to be in a car crush, but if that means getting personal info from Brad “my eternal man crush” Pitt himself, well… fasten your seat belts!


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