The First “Venom” Trailer Is Seriously Lacking On Venom And People Are Not Happy About it

The first Venom trailer is finally out! And, as expected, there’s a lot of Eddie Brock (which we’re not going to complain about because, well, is Tom Sexy Hardy!). But there’s something missing—and we ain’t talking about Spidey!

You know that alien entity that eventually becomes Eddie’s suit? The one the movie is named after? Yeah, well, it’s nowhere to be found in that incredibly underwhelming trailer.

Call us crazy, but we had the odd expectation of actually seeing Venom in the Venom trailer. We know—that’s nuts. But audiences were hoping to see at least at glimpse at the monster/anti-hero/symbiote from outer space.

I mean—the movie did wrap up filming just two weeks ago, which makes this trailer feel like record time. But people on the internet couldn’t help but find it, shall we say, “interesting” (which is both an under and overstatement for how we really feel) Sony’s choice of not actually showing the character at all.

Check some of the best reactions to the Venom trailer’s serious lack on Venom in our photo gallery above!


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