Jay-Z Tips $11,000 At Bar And Twitter Is Calling Him Cheap

One would think that giving your server $11,000 would make you quite the generous men. But if you’re able to drop more than $110 gran in drinks like it is nothing and still you decide to tip under 15%, well, then those $11K make you look nothing but cheap.

Not even Jay-Z could scape Twitter’s scrutiny after a waitress posted his check on Snapchat. Mr. Carter and other 5 people managed to rack up an epic bar tab after one expensive night out in Manhattan on Sunday, which came to a whooping $91,135.

But it wasn’t the grand total what shocked people on the internet, but rather the impressive tip that, despite being more than what some people make in a year, didn’t even come close to the universally acceptable 18%-20% tip.

Listen—we clearly wouldn’t mind getting that tip for ourselves. But truth being told, if you’ve got the money to spend over $100K in a birthday celebration, you’ve most definitely got the money to tip accordingly.

So, Jay-Z, c’mon. Take care of your servers.

Click through our photo gallery above to see some of the funniest reactions to Jay-Z’s massive bar tab.


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