Kanye West Returns To Instagram With A 9-Hour Love-Sharing Spree

The day was May 5, 2016. Many thought it was another classic Kanye outburst—like that time he uploaded 99 photos to Instagram at once, right after canceling a show. There were days when we hoped it was just a prank from the rapper. But sadly, West had retired from social media for good.

Or at least that’s what he made us believe for nine long months. Today, the Kanye West social media hiatus is finally over.

The rapper returner to Instagram on February 14th, with a post of a handmade card that read “Happy Valentine’s Day Babe”, written in his own hand on a blank page. The message, shared without a caption, we assume is a tribute to his wife and mother of his three children, Kim Kardashian.

After sharing the minimalist Valentine’s-themed card, much like his Yeezy line, West proceeded to post a collection of images of the most memorable couples in pop culture—for 9 hours straight! Barack and Michelle Obama, Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Aaliyah and Tupac, and Brangelina were only some of the 54 iconic couples who made a romantic appearance on Kanye’s page.

Two photos of Kimye—including an image of the couple enjoying icre cream cones, and a more recent one, with an already platinum-haired Kim in an night out with West—wrapped up Kanye’s Instagram spree.

In line with the social media theme, Mrs. West also took to Instagram to wish a happy Valentine’s Day to her partner since 2012. “I love you to infinity!” she wrote alongside a candid photo of the couple sharing an embrace on the street.

And though there’s no guarantee that The Life of Pablo creator’s return to social media will last, oh, how we are enjoying his creative romantic gesture!


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