It’s Justin Bieber 24th Birthday And You Best *Beliebe* Twitter Is Celebrating!

Listen everyone! Skip the office. Ditch all your classes. It’s national holiday. It’s Justin Bieber’s 24th birthday. Baby, baby, baby, oh, you best beliebe we’re ready to celebrate another trip around the JB sun!

And boy, what a journey this has been! 2017 sure was a transformative year for Justin (and we’re not just talking about his hair). From learning to focus on himself, to getting some new big tattoos, to releasing what would become the record-breaking remix Despacito, to reconnecting with Selena Gomez and eventually rekindling their love, Justin Bieber sure is back on the right path!

Which can only mean 24 is going to be an even better year!

Join us in this national holiday and check out some of the best tweets wishing Justin Bieber the happiest birthday—even though he has no idea we exist, of course.


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