Kendall Jenner Hospitalized After An Allergic Reaction To A Vitamin Drip

What was supposed to be a fun and glamorous night turned into an unexpected visit to the hospital for Kendall Jenner. Prior to attending the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, the 22-year-old model had a vitamin infusion that sent her to the emergency room.

The allergic reaction to the beauty treatment—an injected vitamin cocktail that should’ve given her energy, vitality, and a glowing appearance—put Jenner in a hospital bed at the Cedars Sina Medical Center in Beverly Hills.

Fortunately, Kendall recovered quickly and was discharged shortly after, just in time to attend the Oscars after-party hosted by Vanity Fair, where the reality TV star rocked the red carpet in a stunning minidress by Redemption.

And though the drip-based drama didn’t ruin her Oscars weekend, it’s clear that Kendall Jenner isn’t going through her best time when it comes to her health. Just a few weeks ago, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the supermodel got candid about her “debilitating anxiety” issues cause by her overwhelming fame.

“I literally wake up in the middle of the night with full-on panic attacks. Where do I even start? Everything is so horrible […] You go online and you see everyone saying the worst things to each other, and it’s hard to stay positive. It’s hard not to get eaten alive by all the negativity.”

Jenner also added: “If something isn’t going the way I planned, I freak out. Some days I just want to go live on a farm and not talk to anyone and just exist in the middle of nowhere.”

Sure—we would definitely miss her parading down the red carpets and the catwalks, but we’re sure Jenner would look amazing even dressed as a cowgirl! Anything for your mental health, Kenny!


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