Selena Gomez Now Follows Only 12 People After Going On An Instagram Purge Spree

1 out of every 56 people on Earth follow Selena Gomez on Instagram—but she barely follows only 12 of us.

After a intensive purge over the weekend, Selena Gomez now follows only a handful of accounts on the social platform of which she’s queen. Although the 25-year-old singer is technically following a total of 36 accounts, only 12 of them are real people. The rest are either brands, projects, or a couple fan pages.

Among the highly exclusive members of the “Followed by Selena” club, there’s Francia Raisa (who definitely won a spot for life after donating Selena one of her kidneys), Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, Jessica Alba, and Julia Michaels. Selena also follows Coach and Louis Vuitton creative director, a stylist, and a makeup artist.

But even more so than the lucky ones, fans of the “Wolves” singer where shocked to see those who she’s not following anymore. Mandy Teefey and Justin Bieber, the mother and the ex (or current boyfriend? We don’t know anymore!) didn’t make the cut. Her alleged best friend, photographer Petra Collins, was another victim of Selena’s unfollowing spree.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazzar earlier this year, Selena opened up about her feelings regarding the platform. “I have a complex relationship with Instagram, to say the least,” Gomez admitted. “It has given me a voice amid all the noise of people trying to narrate my life for me […] It empowers me in that way because it’s my words and my voice and my truth.”

However, Selena also pointed out the danger of social media. “It’s an incredible platform, but in a lot of ways it’s given young people, myself included, a false representation of what’s important. So, yeah, it’s a complex relationship. Probably one of my most difficult relationships,” she said.

Could this unfollowing spree mean that, just like she did with Biebs, Selena wants to take a break from Instagram?


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