Guess Who Convinced John Travolta To Finally Join Social Media?

It’s never too late to get social media savvy, and Travolta knows it.

Hollywood’s favorite dancer John Travolta made his Instagram and Facebook debut on Tuesday, and within 24 hours, he has amassed a blue tick and a whooping following of nearly 400k—and counting!

“Husband. Father. Actor. Aviator. Vincent Vega,” his Instagram bio reads just below his star-studded following list, formed by 26 accounts—all verified, of course—including Pulp Fiction’s cast members’ Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman and Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John.

Not just Travolta, but his wife and actress Kelly Preston too, joined social media. Whether it is to support his husband or keep track or his online activities—we don’t know!

The couple dedicated their first post—a video featuring them in a cute doggie filter—to their 18-year-old daughter Ella and 7-year-old son Ben, who convinced John and Kelly to have an active presence on social media.

After the very millennial thank you note to her daughter, the Saturday Night Fever star went on an Instagram spree, putting up a total of five posts, one of which is an old photo of himself (his first throwback picture some will say), from when he made his debut at Cannes in 1997.

Travolta and his wife are currently attending the 71st Cannes Film Festival to promote their film Gotti. The mob drama follows the story gagster John Gotti and his quick ascendance as a “made man” in the Gambino crime family to taking over the entire New York City underworld and getting his son involved in the business.


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