John Legend’s Silky Smooth Voice Is The New Google Assistant

  • Sorry, Siri—from now on we only have eyes, er, ears for John! (Photo: WENN)

  • Your Rebel Wilson is NOTHING compared to John Legend, Amazon. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Hey Google, entertainment with a private concert! (Photo: Twitter)

  • I have a little tiny John Legend prisoner inside my phone. (Photo: Twitter)

  • When you really want to go to that restaurant… (Photo: Twitter)

  • When is Chrissy Teigen becoming voice number 7? (Photo: Twitter)

  • Siri, you gotta step up your game. (Photo: Twitter)

  • That’s to only way to even the game, and you know it, Apple. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Even those stupid, stupid jokes. (Photo: Twitter)

  • If not for everyone, at least for my iPhone, thank you very much. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Mystery solved, everyone! (Photo: Twitter)

  • And I ain’t looking back. (Photo: Twitter)

  • iPhone who? (Photo: Twitter)

  • There goes $1000 down the drain. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Chrissy proving in just one tweet why she should’ve been the new Google Assistant voice. (Photo: Twitter)

  • And finally, this sweet reply. (Photo: Twitter)

Sorry, Siri—from now on we only have eyes, er, ears for John! (Photo: WENN)

Siri who?

Remember Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial that imagined a world where Alexa had “lost her voice”? As the ad unfolded, Alexa users discovered that as a substitute for the usual semi-robotic tones, it was Cardi B playing “Bodak Yellow” instead of the requested country music, Rebel Wilson trying way too hard to “set the mood” at a house party, or Gordon Ramsay hurling abusive remarks while giving them instructions to make a simple grilled cheese sandwich.

The results were pretty hilarious, but at the end, the star-studded ad was just an act. However, unlike Amazon, enlisting a celebrity voice for their automated assistant is no joke for Google.

At the company’s annual developers’ conference this week, Google announced that John Legend’s silky smooth voice is one of seven new ones joining Google Assistant. And, of course, funniest-person-on-Twitter Chrissy Teigen couldn’t resist sharing her thoughts on her husband’s new job.

“I don’t even need human John anymore,” she joked.

Well, Chrissy, since this is as close as well probably ever get to John Legend speaking into our ears, we’ll have to admit we’re pretty darn excited! Sorry, Siri—from now on we only have eyes, er, ears for John!

Click through our photo gallery above to see some of the best reactions to the news that John Legend’s angelical voice will soon be coming to a smart speaker near you!

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