Is Kim Kardashian Making A Cameo On Stranger Things? According to Millie Bobby Brown… She is!

Stranger Things is turning things way Upside Down for its upcoming third seasons. According to Millie Bobby Brown, a reality TV royalty could be ditching her hometown in Calabasas, California for a spooky stint in Hawkins, Indiana.

During an interview with E! the Stranger Things star was asked whether there were any actors she’d like to see in season 3 of the show. “A Kardashian,” she immediately exclaimed, turning to Noah Schnapp—her co-star, who plays Will Byers—: “Noah, would you love to see Kim Kardashian in Stranger Things?” A confused Noah inquired if that was actually happening, to which Millie jokingly responded, “Yeah, she’s gonna play 10. Kim Kardashian’s gonna be in Stranger Things, you guys. She’s gonna be amazing.”

And as if having Kim Kardashian on the show wasn’t a strange enough thing, Millie Bobby Brown has another idea for a perfect guest role in the upcoming season of Stranger Things: none other than Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

Just a few days ago, she told the Press Association she’d love to see DiCaprio on the show as “Eleven’s long-lost brother,” adding: “I have already made a storyline. Leo, if you want to be in Stranger Things, here’s the contract.”

Needless to say, Millie was just messing around when she suggested what would be *THE* crossover event for the ages. But Bobby Brown’s love for America’s first reality TV family is no joke.

The actress dished on her obsession with them and their special language in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, even impersonating their famous catchphrases. “I think that they are just like, really great. They’re so entertaining!” she gushed.

Can you imagine a universe where Leo and Kim where somehow related?! Talk about a parallel dimension. Bible! Oh, well—stranger things have happened (we’re talking about you, Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones. We see you.).


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