Meghan Markle’s Family Fiasco Has Sparked Quite A Stir On Twitter

An open letter warning the groom it’s “not too late” to call off the wedding, a “slamming tell all” memoir book, and a set of staged pictures sold for up to $180,000. Seems like Meghan Markle’s family is really trying to sabotage our her big day!

Just when we thought the House of Windsor was the most dysfunctional family we’d seen, here come the Markles from the other end of the Atlantic to unleash some good ol’ American drama.

The latest update? Kensington Palace announced that Meghan’s father won’t be attending the royal wedding this weekend. “I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he need to focus on his health,” the future Mrs. Prince Harry  said in an additional statement.

Meghan’s interesting choice of words have initiated quite a debate on social media. And that, plus a week worth of paparazzi photos, a broken ankle, a heart attack, and surgery to fix that heart attack have really put the actress-turned-princess’ estranged family under the spotlight.

But let’s look for the silver lining—it doesn’t get more real-life Cinderella than this. Some of her family is horrible, and yet she stills gets to marry the Prince. Click through to see some of the reactions to Meghan Markle’s family fiasco just days ahead of her wedding.


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