It Took A Lollipop To Turn The Entire Internet Against Kim Kardashian… Again

You’re *not* doing great, sweetie…

What’s new? Kim Kardashian is under fire (again), this time because of a lollipop.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared an image on Instagram sucking on a lollipop that apparently contains appetite suppressing properties. Created by a company named Flat Tummy Co., this product is designed to be taken when experiencing hunger cravings.

“They are literally un real,” she captioned the picture that has since been deleted. But the backlash remains fervent.

And though we’ll be the first to say some people love to hate on Kimmy and that it feels like sometimes the poor woman can’t even breathe without being admonished, promoting a product that clearly develops an unhealthy relationship with food is just… beyond.

With great following comes great responsibility, Kimberly. And having exactly 111 million followers on Instagram alone—well, let’s just say it wouldn’t hurt you to think twice before promoting an “appetite suppressant” snack next time. Although, after this, we’re not sure there’ll be one!

Check out some of the upset reactions (and a few futilely trying to cut Kim some slack) after her absurd weight loss lollipops post.


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