“Baby Driver 2” Could Be Happening Sooner Than You Think

Last year, Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver turner out to be one of 2017’s best films. A critical and commercial success, the R-rated thriller scored $226.9 million worldwide against a budget of just $34 million and even earning a trio of Oscar nominations.

And today, 365 days since the movie came out in theaters, Baby could be grabbing his first-generation iPod, putting on his Ray’s, and getting behind the wheel once again sooner rather than later.

Baby Diver was release one year ago today. Had a wild ride with it in the last 365,” Wright wrote on Twitter commemorating the movie’s first anniversary. “So I thank you for all your beautiful responses, it means everything. And who knows, maybe he could get back on the road son…”

Baby Driver 2 was first brought up as a possibility shortly after the original was released, when Sony Pictures asked Wright to think about writing a sequel. Then last December, the director stated that talks about the follow up were happening.

“The deal is being hammered out as we speak. So, hopefully, I’m going to at least write a second one. I’ve definitely got lots of ideas. Whether it’s the next movie, I don’t know. I’m just working that out at the moment, actually.”

Wright’s tweet is far from a confirmation, but we’re choosing to believe Miles could be hitting the gas once again in the near future.


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