Jim Carrey Will Go Against Sonic The Hedgehog As The Film’s Villain Dr. Robotnik

Jim Carrey will go up against Sonic the Hedgehog as the classic Sega’ video game’s villain Dr. Robotnik in the upcoming live-action/CGI hybrid movie.

According to reports, the actor is in final negotiations to play the mad scientist. The rest of the film’s cast so far includes James Marsden, known for his roles in Westworld and X-Men, and Tika Sumpter, with Jeff Fowler making his directorial debut.

Jim Carrey’s 1994 The Mask is a good example of what the actor’s comedy, combined with CGI effects, could be like in the movie. The critical and commercial success of his portrayal of the dark fantasy superhero cemented Carrey’s reputation as a dominant actor of the 90’s. The movie grossed over $351 million in box office over a modest $23 million budget.

The film, which will take its cues from the popular game, will follow the Sonic trying to stop Dr. Robotnik from taking over the world. The film, slated to open on November 2019, will mark the first time the Sega game has been adapted for the big screen, although the character has previously appeared in both Wreck It Ralph and this year’s Ready Player One.

Video game adaptations on the big screen don’t have the best track record, but Jim Carrey playing the baddie has us intrigued! If the comedian can bring the maniac energy of Ace Ventura or even A Series of Unfortunate Events, maybe he could pull this off!


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