Kendall Jenner Caught Kissing Gigi And Bella’s Baby Brother, Anwar Hadid

It takes A LOT to keep up with Kendall Jenner’s love life.

Just days ago, international media was all over the report that the supermodel was dating Aussie basketball star Ben Simmons, after they were photographed leaving a nightclub, going bike riding, and partying at a private event, all in the same week.

However, reports claimed that Jenner and Simmons were “keeping things casual” and just “hanging out,” which seems about right considering she was just, you know, spotted kissing someone else. And not just someone, but her best friends Gigi and Bella Hadid’s baby brother, Anwar.

OMG indeed.

In the wise words of Kris Jenner, this is a case for the FBI, although they may have better things to do (like finding Melania Trump). So let’s revisit the facts ourselves.

In a photo obtained by TMZ, Kendall, 22, is seen planting a big one on Anwar, 18, while she’s sitting on his lap and he has his hand on her cheek. Eye witnesses also said the two looked very affectionate following the CDFA Awards, “kissing, cuddling, and drinking.”

And though she reportedly headed back solo to her hotel around 4 am, Kendall did share an image of Anwar’s tattooed hands on her Instagram Stories. So we know for a fact they were hanging together at some point of the night.

Remember a couple years ago when Kenny posted a photo posing with Anwar? “Dibs?” she captioned the shot. Well—it seems she got her wish after all!


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