MTV Is Rebooting “Daria” But The Internet Isn’t Sure That’s A Good Idea

Welcome to the sick sad world. MTV is rebooting Daria in yet another bid to reclaim millennial hearts.

The new take on the 90’s beloved show, which will be developed by Unbreakable Kimmy Smchidt and Inside Amy Schumer’s writer Grace Edwards, will now be called Daria and Jodie and it will follow Morgendorffer as well as one of her best friends.

But the internet is skeptical, and here’s why.

First of all, it’s inconceivable to imagine Daria without her *actual* best friend Jane. Jodie and Daria had mutual respect, but that doesn’t seem enough to make her the sidekick of our favorite cynical teenager.

Second, the beauty of this show was the accurate cultural representation of its time: the 90’s. Remaking Daria as some millennial in 2018 WILL. NOT. WORK. Is Trent going to have SoundCloud? Will Britany be a social media influencer? No thanks.

And finally, a Daria remake is everything she stands against. Sure, she’s a cartoon, but any true Daria fan knows she really would hate a reboot if she had flesh, bones, and a real-life green zip-up jacket and leather combat boots.

Although to be fair, feeling so pessimistic about a Daria revival is a very Daria thing to do, so maybe this reboot isn’t off to a terrible start. Click through our photo gallery above to see the reactions to the news of Daria coming back to our screens.


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