The New Group FaceTime Update Comes A Little Too Late, According To Twitter

There was a time when my friends count was in the two digits mark, when I would run back from school to chat with my friends on messenger or spend endless hours on the phone with my girls. But now that I’m a hermit adult with zero friends, of course Apple is introducing group FaceTime. Of course.

Apple has finally announced that, at the beginning of this fall with iOS 12, you will now be able to FaceTime with as many as 32 simultaneous participants—that, if you have enough friends to join in on the fun, of course.

Apple users have been begging for this feature for years now, but the company basically waited until I didn’t have enough friends to actually enjoy this new feature. Now, this once highly-anticipated update is just another reminder of the miserable person I’ve become. A virtual slap on the face.

So, thanks but no thanks, Apple. Group FaceTime has come a little too late for me—and for other angry users who are now bashing Apple’s timing on Twitter. Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to the soon-to-be-available group Facetime feature.


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