“The Shining” Sequel Casts Ewan McGregor As It’s Main Star

Danny Torrance is all grown up.

The young boy will carry his childhood traumas of the Overlooks Hotel and his murderous father into adulthood in an upcoming sequel of The Shining. Ewan McGregor is set to play adult Dan Torrance in the movie Doctor Sleep, with all of his dad’s anger and all alcoholism.

King has reportedly given his blessing to McGregor’s casting. Mike Flanagan, who already has experience directing Stephen King adaptations, helms the new film with Trevor Macy and Jon Berg producing.

Based on the 2013 book, grown-up Danny will use his paranormal abilities to help dying patients at a hospice before meeting a teenage girl with a similar gift who needs his help to face off against a gang of killers with unusual powers of their own.

The original book didn’t get great reviews, but Gerald’s Game— Flanagan’s last King adaptation— did, which makes us a little hopeful that this continuation to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic movie will end up at least somewhere in the middle.

Given that The Shining is pretty much the most popular horror movie of all times, saying that Doctor Sleep has a lot to live up to truly is an understatement. But singing Ewan McGregor as the lead seems like a good start.


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